13 Watchmen Review: Aegis Rim

Vanillaware title gets a new release and is now aimed at captivating audience nintendo. Which he would normally do without much difficulty. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim already has all the elements at its disposal to offer an interesting experience thanks to an intriguing and complex storyline. Some of you who are familiar with the game who have read these lines will surely agree. Moreover, on this point, the pre-written test on the occasion of the release day PS4 It is reliable. All the qualities of the program deeply imbued with science fiction are mentioned and detailed there. That is why we will be brief about this version and will be satisfied above all to break open doors already.

From the beauty of twilight

The artistic quality, at least in terms of adventure, for this Guardians 13: Aegis Rim Remarkably. A key should not be ashamed of its charm Play Station And it offers more than just a drinkable version, both on the sidewalk and on the laptop. It is beautiful and above all useful. Graphic putty is by no means insignificant, it has – or at least seems to have – meaning. Semi-emphasis can only seem obvious to you. It is assumed that all actions are built on this intention.

This work published by Atlus still exudes a certain atmosphere, especially through the colors it uses. Appears after twilight. An idea that can be conveyed especially through the use of a shrug tone with chiaroscuro. What do you see there? Is it an incitement to fear and mystery..? Or just a nostalgic atmosphere referring to products PS1 Especially? Explanations can be many. Anyway, in addition to fascinating, it seems pre-planned – when one approaches the game for the first time – the sequence of events.

“As destruction approaches, the world goes on and people smile…”

Therefore, decorations give life to a universe that is pleasing to the eye, harboring movement within it, not least. We wouldn’t say we’re surprised by what’s being proposed, but the details are amazing. The world (two-dimensional) is full of life. The streets and other places we walk are not really lacking in animation. The hero, or rather the heroes, is located in a place where they are not the center at all. People come and go. It is very interesting to pay attention to every gesture and every expression that we read on the faces of people, our heroes or their interlocutors. Which does not fail to impress – although it responds to a very specific pattern and thus becomes somewhat repetitive. There we are, in the middle of a discussion which, as we scroll, becomes somewhat awkward for the character and all the annoyance it arouses can be read through the face, and he suddenly blushes. It is a very useful treatment.

Minimal fights

13 Watchmen review: Aegis Rim

When you scroll the title screen, you are faced with three possible options: Battle and Adventure sections (similar to A visual novel) and archives. The latter will allow players in particular to learn more about the science, as well as events you’ve already experienced that you’ll undoubtedly want to review, just to remind you of some elements that might have escaped your vigil. However, this information can only be accessed after obtaining the necessary points to unlock it, something that the combat part allows. Thus, this is by no means an optional pass, which specifically requires your adventurous progress. You will only be able to advance if you complete a certain number of matches.

13 Watchmen review: Aegis Rim

The combat system is based on mechanics turret defense and STR. Thus you find yourself in a microcosm of a city, the place of your encounters. On it, a number of invaders are heading towards the area that you have to defend in order to bring you down. Unsurprisingly, you will have to protect, contain and eliminate the threat on board your robotic armour which you will only be able to see in detail through a box that appears when you place your cursor on it. Thus, you will learn more about the names of your enemies and their specializations (close combat, etc.), which will give you a guide to the tactics with which you must adapt. during the confrontation, Your offensive team (maximum of six units) will be represented by graphs, your opponents are the same and will vary in size. It all depends on the “species” you are fighting against.

13 Watchmen review: Aegis Rim

The attacks of different characters vary and depend on the units assigned to them. Their martial machines are not really equivalent. There are many of them from different generations. When some focus more on close combat, others can take part in hostilities from a distance, for example via missile shipments. During these stages, you will earn Metacredits To be kept for improvement and acquisition, such as a RPG. Increased firepower and enhanced defense.. these are the proposals.

Here’s what you will be presented approximately during these battles – the details can be found in the previous test. It’s simple, a bit sober and messy. As enemy battalions approach and close, readability decreases. And then, it lacks the amazing aspect that we would have liked to see or that would have complemented the already great experience of Adventure Mode.

A story worth reading.

13 Watchmen review: Aegis Rim

History is not one, it is fragmented. Various heroes, whose destinies intersect, make up it. Each of them lives an adventure that shows its own challenges. When we meet them for the first time, we are somewhat puzzled by the many clichés that abound here and there. The characters are by no means original. At least, their characters all respond to the archetypes that inhabit the majority of Japanese productions. From lustful high school nurse to thug, passing through the handsome fetish of the fairer sex, we are served. But rather than abusing these often used, even vulgar, adjectives, the writers of 13 Sentinels use them to give weight to their story. They create an ordinary environment, approaching naivety, and then disturbing, if not disintegrating, it. Therefore, the player cannot help but be surprised by the turn of events and watch gently, perhaps with emotion, the changes that occur in the characters. A variety of exciting tracks, which can also be based on a favorite musical atmosphere and sound design as well as high-quality Japanese dubbing. Dubbing is also supplemented with a French translation.

“An inspiring and rich script with different levels of reading”

13 Watchmen review: Aegis Rim

The inspirations from the title are numerous. They came from different works, whether they belong to literature (especially science fiction), to cinema (from the eighties among others) or even to the field of animation and manga. We will let you discover them. A sympathetic presence does not in any way conflict with the game. On the contrary, it is simply a matter of matter drawn here and there (time travel, extraterrestrials…) and an end to perfection to bring consistency to a work of owning and imposing identity.

However, the density suggested may cause you to experience the inability to remember everything at once, hence the need to review the events in the history section. The heroes are many and their adventure is divided into several chapters, or rather several ways, conditioned by the information you have and the choices you make. These journeys that await them take the form of an introductory journey: the hero, at first restless, searches for the truth and accepts the role assigned to him. Narration that will certainly not be enough for a clip, reveals to you all its secrets. Thus different levels of reading can be applied to work.

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