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Dear impudents, dear impudents,

The war continues. Russia has just finished withdrawing its forces around Kyiv.

Fighting appears to be continuing in eastern Ukraine, but also along the Black Sea coast.

Some view this withdrawal as a Russian defeat and a Ukrainian victory. We’ll see over time what happens.

Likewise, Russian forces are accused of leaving many civilian corpses behind.

We’re in the middle of a cloud and things are rarely clear before the dust settles.

All this will be exploited by each other, and this will have consequences. It doesn’t matter what one thinks, that the Russians are downright evil, or that the Ukrainians are not as white as snow.

Sometimes certain events create certain dynamics that can involve belligerents beyond what they would like.

Nothing says that we Europeans will not stop our purchases of Russian gas indefinitely if the Russian army is accused of massacres of innocent civilians.

Russia denies, asks for a meeting at the United Nations, and accuses the Ukrainians of provocation.

According to a Reuters message, Russia asked the United Nations to convene a Security Council meeting on Monday to discuss what it presents as a “provocation of Ukrainian extremists” in the town of Bucha, following accusations of war crimes by Kyiv against Moscow.

“In light of the blatant provocation of Ukrainian extremists in Bucha, Russia has called for a meeting of the UN Security Council,” Dmitry Polansky, Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, said on Telegram. »

So who is lying? I don’t know, but then again, that’s not the point anymore, because somehow lying can go on long enough to create this special dynamic that can drag the combatants further than they want as I told you a little earlier.

Protein war.

You also see that this war is being waged on multiple fronts. Communication plays an important role here.

There is one aspect of this showdown between the giants that should not be forgotten or eluded.

That’s why I’m suggesting this week that you discuss the monetary aspect of this war, with gas negotiating rubles now demanding that Putin pay in his own currency and rejecting both the euro and the dollar.

So we are entering the monetary aspect of the war for the New World Order.

Some will say that declaring monetary war on us is not Russia, but us, because we have blocked its foreign exchange reserves. Already. Foreign exchange reserves were frozen, but Russia did not seek to free them in exchange for gas. Russia wanted to put an end to the use of the euro and the dollar and to send a very strong signal to the world shared with India and China. It’s nothing, and it’s completely different.

This is the difference between Russia’s Declaration of Monetary War.

If for several weeks I have been developing an analysis of a scenario of brutal and violent deglobalization, the “monetary” counterpart to such deglobalization is the de-dollarization of the world economy and the international monetary system in which we are going to get fewer dollars and the associated fewer euros.

Let us remain humble in the face of the great history that has been written before our very eyes. Let’s remain wise, accurate, and balanced in a world mired in madness.

It’s already too late, but all is not lost.

get ready !

Charles Sannat

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