Russia accuses of ‘genocide’ by Europe discussing new sanctions

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today’s news

On Monday, Emmanuel Macron said, “in favor” of the European Union’s decision to impose new sanctions on Russia, after hundreds of civilian bodies were discovered in the Kyiv region.

“What happened in Bucha imposes a new set of sanctions and very clear measures,” the French president told France International. He added, “Therefore, we will coordinate with our European partners, particularly Germany” in the “next few days”, referring to sanctions and individual measures on “coal and oil.”

Today’s sentence

“Killers, executioners, rapists, thieves…”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attacked Russian forces, whom he said were “murderers, executioners, rapists and thieves” after discovering a massacre of civilians in Bucha.

Images of dozens of bodies in mass graves or littered in the streets around the Ukrainian capital this weekend, after the Russian withdrawal, angered Westerners, such as the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, speaking of “punches in the stomach”.

Today’s number

18300. This is the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed since the conflict began, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The latter, who regularly publishes the budget for Russian losses in the military sphere, estimates that 18,300 the number of Kremlin soldiers who have lost their lives since the beginning of the invasion. According to Kyiv, 134 Russian helicopters and 147 aircraft were also shot down. War numbers are difficult to estimate and are a major issue in conflict, so they should always be taken with extreme caution. At the moment, no independent census can be made.

Today’s trend

EU High Representative Josep Borrell said that in line with President Emmanuel Macron’s statements, the EU was “urgently” discussing the imposition of new sanctions against Moscow, which were also demanded by Germany, after the massacres in the Kyiv region. He added in a statement that the European Union “condemns in the strongest terms the reported atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces in several occupied Ukrainian cities that have now been liberated.”

The consensus of the twenty-seven is necessary to adopt new measures. If consensus is found during the meeting of ambassadors, it must be ratified by the capitals. Will European leaders finally be hit hard after the recent events in Ukraine? That is all hope for the next few days.

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