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What are the best consoles to play on PS4 and PS5? Compatibility, functionality and ergonomics, we tell you all about these carefully tested consoles that we choose for you today. Whether you’re a competitor, looking for versatility or a family gamer, this guide for PS5 and PS4 consoles is for you.


  • PS5 Basics: DualSense
  • Best PS4 Controllers

Pay attention to your controller compatibility.
With the release of the PlayStation 5, things got a little more complicated in terms of console compatibility. Nothing too bad, but you need to be careful to follow some rules before buying so as not to be disappointed:

  • in this time ,The only controller compatible with PS5 games is the Sony DualSense.
  • DualSense is compatible with PS5, PC, Mac, iOS and Android but not PS4.
  • PS4 compatible controllers (from Sony or third party manufacturers) are compatible with PS5, but only for backward compatible PS4 games, not for PS5 games.

PS5 Basics: DualSense

Sony DualSense


  • Incredible feelings
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Lots of built in functions
  • The included battery is a bit light

The DualSense is currently the only primary console to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5, thanks to full compatibility with PS4 and PS5 games. This controller is particularly innovative with the addition of resistance actuators and the tactile vibrations it provides New game experience and sensations for increased immersion. However, the DualSense retains the achievements of its predecessors with a symmetrical design of analog sticks, touchpad, and the now classic gyroscope and accelerometer for motion detection. Overall a great success alone that justifies trying out the latest Sony console.

The DualSense also features a 3.5mm 4-pole headphone/microphone port as well as a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing you to communicate with your friends without using a headset. Battery life seems to be missing somewhat. In spite of Simple and relatively short reload of less than 3 hours, and only 10 hours of gameplay. Finally, we can praise the advantages of this console’s versatility in terms of compatibility. It can be connected to a Windows PC or Mac, but also iOS or Android … PS4 remains only on the sidelines.

Best PS4 Controllers

PS4 Safe Bet: The DualShock 4

Sony DualShock 4

The most diverse

  • model for comfort
  • The most diverse
  • wide compatibility
  • The included battery is a bit light

The DualShock 4, despite 7 years of being on the market, is still the reference console for the PlayStation 4. It is versatile, ergonomic and offers gamers a large number of functions: 2 analog sticks, 6 action buttons, 2 advanced triggers, a popular directional cross and a motor double vibration. Thanks to Bluetooth, it can be connected wirelessly or wired to your PlayStation 4, and paired with your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android platform, just like the DualSense.

Comparing the DualShock 4 with its predecessor extends to the battery life, which unfortunately does not exceed 8 hours of playtime when using an audio headset through its port. However, DualShock 4 remains a safe bet to accompany the PlayStation 4 thanks to its compatibility with the entire catalog of the device. It is also this console that provides the most classic grip and is thus the reference model on this device.

Performance and Control: Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

in order to win

  • Everything is configurable
  • Super efficient in-game controls
  • Very convenient controller
  • No wireless link

If you are looking to beat the clock, increase your rate of fire, and improve your curves, then the eSwap Pro from Thrustmaster might be right for you. This wired controller is actually designed to adapt to you, your practice, by offering not only the possibility to interchange the position of sticks and cross at will, But above all by giving you access to full button resets, with precise management of dead zones, stick curves and triggers, as well as shortening the limit of triggers to make them simple buttons.

With its management of various profiles across its application, eSwap thus enables the creation of various physical and software configurations, and provides standard interaction times at the front or back button level. He’s clearly a model built to win and knows how to stay comfortable for quieter sessions. We may regret the lack of a wireless mode, but This model is really designed for competition, where the connecting wire is mandatory. It’s up to you to decide if you play for fun to share or to win.

Kids Controller: Hori’s . Mini Game Board

HORI Mini Gamepad

Compact but effective

  • Child friendly grip
  • Controls that remain at normal size
  • No touchpad or motion control

On PlayStation 4, kids found their reference console with Hori’s wired mini-controller, a model very much inspired by the Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch but providing all the controls of the DualShock 4. It’s clearly the weakest spacing to allow for orientation. The cross, and its sticks and buttons, to be within the reach of the little ones.

However, unlike Nintendo consoles, we stay in a lineage that doesn’t make the controls difficult on adult hands, with the quality elements above all close to what we find on Sony consoles. so Sticks, guide plate and buttons are standard size, and it will only be necessary to accept some concessions in terms of triggers and slide buttons. Also, Hori’s mini gamepad does not offer a touchpad. Also note that this console is wired, but its 3-meter cable allows you to play at a good distance from the screen.

Getting started with Xbox on PS4: Hori’s Onyx

Hori Onyx

asymmetric sticks

  • Comfort equivalent to an Xbox One console
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • No motion recognition or headphone jack

Hori’s Onyx Controller is a wireless controller that includes the highly acclaimed grip of Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers. The result is a very successful ergonomics, for real comfort in gaming, taking advantage of the asymmetric placement of the analog sticks. You can also count on the big handles, Ideal for long-range games, as well as on large triggers and slide buttonssuch as the Microsoft console.

For the rest, the console does very well with build quality, 20 hours of battery life, and responsive functions as desired. For a particularly attractive price, it still had to find some drawbacks: the lack of motion recognition or the audio port for headphones. But for the rest, Onyx is a real hit.

The top of the PS4 lineup: Razer Raiju Ultimate

Razer Raigo Ultimate V2.0

Premium style

  • The additional four buttons
  • Editable stick and crosses
  • Not compatible with VR on PS4

The Razer Raiju Ultimate is the standard, premium model on PS4. Extra wide grip (not suitable for younger children), very dry and quick buttons, Large analog sticks with interchangeable caps And additional buttons below as well as on the back of the console. These are also programmable and allow you to leave your thumb on the right analog stick without losing functionality. Perfect for FPS and TPS competitions, as well as eSport competitions.

The console comes with a smartphone app to reset buttons, adjust sticks, a USB cord for wired operation, and a carrying and protective cover. We particularly appreciate the ability to access certain settings and profiles directly from the console, on the front panel, without the involvement of a computer or smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best PS5 controller?

The best controller capable of playing all the games on PS5 today is Sony’s DualSense. This console offers multiple functions, action games, haptic vibrations or impedance triggers exclusive to today’s latest Sony hardware. However, the console is compatible with many other platforms.

What is the best PS4 controller?

If you are a casual player and very open about gameplay, DualShock 4 is still the best choice. Other models may also be suitable according to your specifics or taste. Thus Hori’s Onyx provides an Xbox-like grip, the Mini Gamepad easily adapts to children’s hands and the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller provides esports-oriented functionality.

Are PS4 and PS5 controllers compatible with Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android?

In most cases, yes. Sony, DualSense, and DualShock 4 controllers are well recognized by all of these devices, while alternative models generally offer XInput, D-Input or driver compatibility. Be wary of exceptions though.

How do I connect a new PS4 or PS5 console?

Official models must be wired the first time they are assigned to a console. Plug in the USB cord, press the PlayStation button, and voila. From there, you can use your console wirelessly. The method of connecting third-party controllers to PS4 and PS5 may vary and it is best to refer to the dedicated manual for the exact procedure.

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