Paris is “extremely concerned” about possible “extortions” of Malian soldiers “accompanied by Russian mercenaries”

Quai d’Orsay cited reports that hundreds of civilians were killed in a village in the center of the country.

France isvery worriedOn Monday, April 4th, its Foreign Ministry said that possible violations were committed by Malian soldiers in Mali accompanied by mercenaries from Russia’s private Wagner group.

The Malian army announced on Friday evening that he had been killed.203 fighters” From “armed terrorist groupsDuring an operation in the Sahel region in central Mali carried out from 23 to 31 March. this process “big rangeheldIn the Mura District, 17 kilometers northeast of Kwakguru in the Jeni District”, which made it possible to kill “203 fighters” of “armed terrorist groups,” according to its press release.

France “involved”

AFP was unable to verify any of the reports. Friday, employees are invitedResidents to restrain themselves against defamatory speculationMalian Armed Forces. But international reactions, from Washington to Paris via the European Union and the United Nations, show that this version of the facts is sharply contested. Thus France said to itself:Expressed concern over reports of massive violations in the village of Mora by elements of the Malian armed forces accompanied by Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group, which caused the deaths of hundreds of civilians.said a press release from the Quai d’Orsay.

she “Calls for the rapid opening of national and international investigations to determine responsibility for these acts and bring the perpetrators to justice” And the “It is concerned about the proliferation of violations in central Mali since the beginning of 2022 and about the impunity that has occurred in it.Finally, French diplomacy affirms that “The war against terrorist groups operating in the Sahel can in no way justify human rights violations” Who is the “Just strengthen these groupsThese statements come in a context in which the French anti-jihadist force Barkhane is engaged in the process of withdrawing from Mali after months of deterioration in its relations with Bamako.

‘Disturbing testimonies’

In Brussels, EU High Representative Josep Borrell also ruled.very disturbing“Monday info on”Hundreds killed in Mora village“.”It is essential that MINUSMA (the UN mission) has access to the scene in order to support the transitional authorities in their investigations.“, he added. “The exemplary behavior of the state and its security forces, whose primary task is to protect the civilian population, cannot suffer from any exception.“.”The conditions of counter-terror operations in recent weeks in Mali must be highlightedEuropean Council President Charles Michel added, describing it as “Annoying” The “Testimonies of hundreds of deaths“.

As of Saturday, Minusma for its part indicated that it “aware of the confrontationsBetween the Malian army and extremist and recognized groupsSeriously concerned about allegations of violenceagainst civilians. And also by the US State Department, which had ruled on Sunday.”very annoyingThese allegations, also citing Wagner. “This contradictory information illustrates the urgent need for the Financial Transitional Authorities to provide free, safe and unhindered access to investigators in the area where these tragic events occurred.. . . jihadist violence has killed dozens of civilians in recent weeks in central eastern Mali and the so-called Three Border Zone (between Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso), according to MINUSMA.

This vast expanse is the scene of violence and clashes between the many armed organizations (regular and irregular) present on the ground, including between groups linked to Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. The jihadists are accused of attacking civilians suspected of collaborating with or informing their enemies. At the same time, NGOs and former rebels condemn the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) for the alleged abuses. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, called on the Malian army and its army.Bilateral Partners“, in a report recently submitted to the Security Council, for their respect during counter-terrorism operations.”international obligations“.

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