Bulls are always more talented, but we’ll have to organize to avoid bullfighting

Chicago made a very nice move this summer with the arrival of DeMar DeRozan. With an experienced player and all-star caliber arriving on an ambitious team, the Bulls must turn around. But beware, the fit isn’t too obvious for a Taurus. And we have to organize it all so that it is not fair, and no pun intended.

This is one of the very good last few free agency moves. The DeMar DeRozan sign and trade in Chicago prove that the bulls want to take a step forward. A promising off-season with the arrival of Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso, and the bull horns – a bit – starting to get scary again. The former Toronto legend arrives in Illinois after three seasons in San Antonio with the former All-Star. If not in a Tottenham shirt, Demar still had 21.6 points, 5.3 rebounds and 6.2 assists under Greg Popovich.So, he arrived in Chicago in stature and joined two other All-Stars teams there, Zach LaVine, who was elected last year after his impassioned season, and Nikola Vucevic, who has now starred three times. So the talent is very present, but now we have to think about how to organize the game and how to feed these three players.

The Big Five appear to be heading for the lease as Lonzo Ball at the base, Zach Lavigne and DeMar DeRozan at 2-3, Patrick Williams at 4 and Nikola Vucevich in the middle. Of these five players, at least four need to have the ball in their hands to shine. For Lonzo, Zach, DeMar and Niko, we especially know their ability to have the ball in their hands and create it for themselves or others.. Therefore, the organization of the attack will be necessary. First, would there be a first offensive option, and if so, who would it be? Vucevich as he was in Orlando? Lavigne, because he’s kind of an “old man” and he’s had a great season? DeRozan, because he is the most experienced player who has ever held a team in the playoffs? All of these reasons are valid, but for Billy Donovan, a decision will be necessary. When we know he’s sometimes had trouble winning between KD and Russ in OKC, hopefully this time the Bulls can establish a clear hierarchy in this Bulls squad.

Then, another concern identified for these five major is the lack of spaces. DeMar DeRozan with Spurs changed his playing style a bit, he spent a lot on creativity, so he no longer takes any 3-point shots. 0.7 car park shots have been taken per game in three years at Spurs, all with a 22% hit. How do you say…in the NBA today, you’ll need to shoot then if you want to perform. Admittedly, Lonzo is ahead in the shooting, but that’s clearly not his strong point. Likewise, Zach made good progress shooting over 41% of the United Center parking lot last season, but the problem is that he takes the majority of his shots in character pulls, not really taking and shooting photos, and thus doesn’t really show true group delirium. Patrick Williams can shoot 3, but that’s not a guarantee either. Finally, Vucevic takes his three cards as well, but mostly in pick and pop. Vooch won’t wait in the corner we set up for him, and so you understand why this shooting question can become a problem for the Bull, because the Bulls will nonetheless need the guys who stay hidden behind the fence.

Likewise, for the distribution and facilitation side of the game, DeRozan will be a real addition within the Billy Donovan team, just as Lonzo Ball will bring his play when picking and rolling as a ball carrier. Screens from Vucevich or Pat Wil would be fine, but it would take some movement. And when the ball is in Zack’s hands, what will Lonzo and Demar do in their days? Here the coach’s role will be essential to finding the right harmony and winning combination. How will Zack and Demar, two linebackers with a somewhat similar profile, complement each other? How will these two top scorers fit in with the Bulls’ squad that was already the problem last season? Thus, the association between the two gives a mixed feeling, a sense of excitement and doubt about their complementarity. However, this compatibility does not worry those interested at all, he recalled during a press conference over the summer.

It’s basketball. There are a lot of people I see criticizing, talking about “fitness” when they may have never played basketball... For me, if everyone is on the same page and they want to win, it doesn’t matter. DeMar DeRozan on his integration into the Bulls team.

If DeMar DeRozan has no doubts that the bulls will succeed by wanting to win, then questions and answers can be asked. Mental level, don’t worry, Chicago has found competitive players who know how to win, so the ambitions are legitimate. After that, we are still waiting to see regulation on the ground. The Bulls will be able to beat the talent, but in order to really get past the corner, and why not take a little adventure in the playoffs, you will have to show something else.. DeRozan will have to find his role and place in this workforce with very little collective experience. Having Billy Donovan on the bench doesn’t reassure us either, as Bale has rarely shown real mastery of a slate of identity and a definite game plan.

DeMar DeRozan will discover his third career franchise and arrive in Chicago with a somewhat promising workforce on paper. It remains for everyone to find their place, so that this happy chaos does not end with a funeral bullfight.

Text source: basketball reference, nba.com

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