Basketball – Why the referees didn’t use video at La Riveraine


Undoubtedly, the meeting between Union Neuchâtel and Geneva Lions resulted in the most controversial whistle blow of the season. It was worth talking about.

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The rules are the rules

To better understand the following, first the context. Less than 10 seconds left between Union and Black. Neuchateloa top the scoresheet throughout the match, taking a 63-60 lead against the Genevans, who have the potential last ball of the match. Then this happens.

The procedure that caused controversy in La Riveraine.

Swiss Basketball

Eric Nottage goes up the field, playing Salim Fofana, then plays the shot well by trying a desperate shot from behind the arc when Noe Anaper misses. At that time, amazement was in the ranks of Neuchâtel. We can see that Fofana asked to use the video, which was introduced this season in the SB League. the problem? is that the rulers have no right to consult them for this kind of work. FIBA regulations in Switzerland specify that images can be viewed to see if the shot was recorded before or after the bell and if the player is 2 or 3 points away.

In this case, the rulers were within their rights and therefore they applied the rules to speech only.

theft? It’s not that simple

“We took away the win.” These are Saleem Fofana’s words in columnsSagittarius information This Monday. We can understand the Swiss international’s frustration, but that’s not entirely fair. Firstly because if Union did not want to expose himself to what he considers unfair, he may have decided to commit a foul immediately after the throw-in and thus give only two free throws to the Lions. A way to keep your destiny in your own hands which we see a lot, especially in the Euroleague. Then because Eric Nottage still had to have nerves strong enough to make his three free throws successful, the Lions dominated the extension (74-70).

True, however, Union could lament the blatant lack of pedagogy for the rulers, right away. They weren’t allowed to watch the video, okay, but it’s forbidden to have a threesome discussing the merits of zeroing in? Then, since this decision did not already have a sufficient impact on the outcome of the match, officials made two technical errors on Neuchâtel coach (Mitar Trifonovic) and captain (Brian Colon), due to disagreements, just before the start of the match.over time. Or how to leave with a nice handicap.

Master Classes at Suggs

With him, we blow hot and cold. Early in the season, we saw that it was the size of a house. And then, like a whole, sick group, Scott Suggs faded as the months progressed. But when it’s sunny and on a night like Saturday, the American Lions’ Pavilion remains the size of a championship. We’ve already written here that the player was a real aesthetic, we found out at Neuchâtel a top-tier defender (5v!) What’s a little worrisome for the Genevans is that Suggs n not developing on the planet every match.

Best Action Scott Suggs, 30 points in the 11/15 Saturday shooting.

Swiss Basketball

Masagno is still too short

In front of nearly 2,300 people – not a record since 2,478 people were announced in St Leonard on February 19 according to excellent Patrick Bewley. freedom -, Freiburg defeated runner-up Masageno 72-69 for the fourth time in five duels in all competitions. This season, the gap between the two teams averaged 7 points and we saw another shockwave in the thrill this weekend. We regret? The absence of Isaiah Williams from the Ticino team. Because Robbie Jubitosa’s rotation is already not very big, so with only 7 players and without their handyman, it gets complicated. Especially since Petar Aleksic highlighted the depth of his seat perfectly with six players with more than 8 points. So gentlemen, see you in the final?

Summary of the match Freiburg and Massagno.

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Neon with or without tupac?

Thanks to Jeremy Gonen’s inevitable second-half wake, Neon scored his third straight win on Saturday when he took home the Red Lantern, the Lugano Tigers (89-63). Since the arrival of the new interior player, Dragan Tupac, Stefan Ivanovic’s formation has not been defeated, but we cannot write that thanks to the Bosnian athlete, he is used sparingly, at the moment (14 minutes for 5 points, 3 rebounds and 3 balls lost on average). This weekend, he shined in the first 6 minutes before returning to the bench and never leaving it until the end of the match. the reason? Severe pain in the left knee. One week before the Swiss Cup final against Friborg (Note: Saturday), the art Device Did not risk. According to our information, the giant 217 cm tall suffers from tendinitis. However, this should not stop him from keeping his place. Good for neon, who will need it badly.

What Dragan Tupac will bring to Nyon boils down to the first two actions.

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Remote duel for eighth place

At the moment BBC Munthe still ranks eighth and last in qualifying for the playoff matches since Chapelsian went on to be a hit this weekend in Lucerne (79-70). In this horrible room with all these streaks on the floor you better start your match well and Patrick Pembelli’s guys have done it perfectly, following Kevin Langford who has gone through the adaptation stage. JaCori Payne and Goofy Dikembe Dixson, young Thomas Fritchie was the hero of the day with 25 points and 7/9 out of 3 points!

Thomas Fitch attack card with pictures.

Swiss Basketball

It was necessary to win this victory for Valesan because at the same time, the Starwings Basket showed that they would fight to the finish for that eighth place with the overtime win over Boncourt (92-98). And Basel, if they win their late game at home against Lugano on Friday, will return to Monti. But if we look at the calendar closely, we want to give an edge to the Boars, who still have to go to Boncourt and receive Lugano. Basel program? Excursion to Geneva and reception in Friborg.

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